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What is ?
MVG is a business consulting & coaching group focused on business building and facillitation services. MVG does not fund ventures directly. We are not a venture capital group, or Angel Investment company.
Coaching and Training Methods
We endeavour to provide a broad spectrum of business and motivational training geared to business building, especially small or venture style business initiatives. The typical coaching method is workshop based - with extensive use of peer to peer (participant) feedback discussion.

Business building is often a lonely profession, with little opportunity for honest self-appraisal. The MVG workshops provide a secure structured forum for peer reviews and brainstorming activity around the core coaching topic for the workshop.
How do we assist  
We have a network of individuals and business groups who (like us) are keen to assist and mentor innovative businesses and help venture programs succeed, particularly, in the often critical early stage of business establishment and growth.
What are Key Value Proposition
MVG provides two critical ingredients to enable our investment consortia the confidence to support suitable ventures.

(1) World class business coaching and,
(2) Ongoing mentoring linked to the investment arrangement negotiated.

MVG's Business Coaches are often experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders in their own right who work closely with our investor consortia when investor support is called for.

Why is this an innovative and powerful arrangement for the successful support and nurturing of business ventures?  It ensures the interests of all parties (the venture, the investor, the business coach) are mutually aligned in assistinig the business venture and this minimizes risk of failure.
What ...
Some will, many will not require this nor want it. In these cases, the coaching itself is the attraction and the source of benefit for the business venture.
The fee structure for coaching workshops varies according to the topic, nature of the program (ie: duration, materials provided, location). In addition, many MVG coaches already have a set of coaching programs they are familiar with and skilled in delivering with established pricing structures. Ultimately, each program is priced in consultation with MVG management to ensure fair value for all involved.
MVG Coaches are selected based on an existing set of coaching programs they currently deliver which is relevant to the MVG client base. In these cases, the Business Coach will benefit by the expanded marketing, electronic mentoring and forums comprising the MVG network, and also share in the cross fertilization and additional depth of activities found within MVG’s coaching group.

Experienced professionals with a passion for business challenge, who enjoy sharing and interacting with other professionals in a collaborative environment, and who have a genuine interest in helping guide new business ventures to success should seriously consider linkiing their services with MVG's Coaching platform, taking on a central role within a geographically specific area, or in other cases, handling a specific industry demographic.
Why MVG?
Benefits of Working as an Affilliate include,  
  • Fully automated marketing system,
  • Workshop booking systems,
  • Integrated support forums,
  • Use of MVG's advanced online one-on-one teaching workspace system.
  • Access to the MVG integrated electronic business planning system library.
  • Association and participation in a growing network of business mentors.

This integrated “package” of business coaching system, networking, funding and mentoring provides a powerful and ultimately satisfying environment for committed business coaches because they are empowered to facilitate a more complete service for clients.
How can I join the MVG system?
Joining MVG’s coaching network starts with an enquiry via this website. In other cases, it is the result of an invitation basis resulting from recommendations, co-experience and/or specific areas of expertise a contact may offer.
MVG places emphasis on practical real-life commercial and industry experience in its affiliate network.

You may simply call directly, or preferably, we will call you once we have received  your request and your interest in the Network.

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